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Welcome to The Singing Tomato

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Best Seasoning Recipes

3 of the Best Recipes for Seasoning Mixes: Chili / Taco, Creole & Ranch

  A Spice Girl in a Spice World! Ah spices!  They are the spice of life and taste too!  I mean Chili wouldn’t be Chili without spices, it would be meat and tomatoes.  Red Beans and Rice wouldn’t be super flavorful with out Creole seasoning – it would just be beans and rice.  Blech boring. …

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Tomato Recipe

You say tomato, I say Too-mah-toe

        “There ain’t nothin’ like a home grown tomato!”  Right?!  We are in the final stretch of tomato season and I am going to share with you some tomato love and how to have a little bit of local Summer yummy goodness in Fall and Winter.  Tomato History Just a little backstory: …

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Bourbon Pecan Peach Crisp Recipe

Peaches – A Love Story: Bourbon Pecan Peach Crisp Recipe

 I have a love-hate relationship with peaches.  Picture it!  1985 Stony Brook, Long Island, New York.  Back to the Future, jelly shoes, aqua net and I just got the right to work a real job.  As retail and fast food were not me, I got a job at the local farm-stand.  The farmer also owned …

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Sloshed Baked Beans Recipe

Slow Cooker Sloshed Baked Beans Recipe

Your beans been partying a little too hard in the crockpot?   That’s ok – between the bacon and then bourbon – they’ll taste GREAT!  It’s summertime and we’ve already made a FANTASTIC Apple Butter Pulled Pork Recipe.  However, it should be lonely at the summertime party all by itself….enter party boy Bacon Bourbon Slow …

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Top 5 Best Locally Owned Restaurants in Nashville – Summer 2014

…in no particular order. 1. Bria – in the Bellevue area of Nashville – west side. If you are looking for great Italian fare (and I am HIGHLY discerning when it comes to Italian fare) and a great wine list – Bria is it on the west side of Nashville. They’ve just installed a great …

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Sloshed Baked Beans Recipe

Summer Slow Cooker Recipe – Apple Butter Pulled Pork BBQ

This SUPER easy 4 ingredient Southern recipe classic is one of my go to summer party recipes. I fed this to native Southerners and they LOVED it!  Also, you can make loads of it and freeze it.  So a great make ahead party meal!  On party day – just pop it in the warming drawer …

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