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Best New Delivery Service Find! – Green Bean Delivery

Just a quick post to share my new discovery!  As a very VERY busy lady, anytime I can delegate a daily/ weekly task out – I do it. I am sure I am not the only busy person out there.  So when I discovered Green Bean Delivery, I was excited but skeptical.  They promised local, …

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lettuce wrap

How to make Asian Lettuce Wraps Low Carb!

As I sit here eating my forth lettuce wrap (and it’s the third day this week I am eating these lovely pieces of delicious Asian loveliness) I thought since this is one of my new faves, I really should include them in my Foods I Love February series! And I do so heart these. After …

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How To Celebrate Valentine’s 2015 – Tomato Style!

It was so troubling to me!  I have been thinking and thinking, and thinking some more, of what to write for my Valentine’s Day week blog post.  The conundrum – what would be the best recipe for this, the Romantic-est day of days?  What do I normally make?  And then I realized – HA!  I …

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Top 5 Whole Food Remedies for Cold & Flu Season

Holy Moses!  Can y’all believe it’s already February?!  To be honest, it has been so chilly here in Nashville, TN that my Christmas lights are still out on my front bushes. HA!  I may not take them in until May the way things are looking. I was introduced to Aloha and decided to share some …

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low carb snacks 1 net carb

Low Carb Snacks – Cheese Chips

My name is Michele and I am a chip-o-holic. As a chip-o-holic, going low carb is a bit of a challenge. I will say, though my chip cravings have gone away but much like when I gave up soda and I missed the bubbles, I miss the crunchy. One of my favorites was cheez-its, anything …

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Low Carb Baked Tandoori Chicken

Yogurt for dinner?? YES!

I am looking at this low carb lifestyle I have chosen as a new adventure in eating. Like if I were going to learn a new ethnic cuisine. Seeing as I love to eat, why not see it as eating myself back to balance and wellness. Also, I was recently approached by Chobani, the yummy …

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