Which Attorney is Johnny Depp Dating?

Johnny Depp is currently being represented by one of his attorneys who represented him during his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard, according to reports by TMZ. Joelle Rich represented Johnny in his UK libel trial against The Sun two years ago, as well as Meghan Markle during her recent libel suit against its publisher. TMZ confirms this relationship.

Rich is known for her expertise in defending public figures from allegations of libel and privacy violations; among her notable clients are former President Barack Obama. Additionally, Rich has served as a keynote speaker at various law conferences worldwide.

Although she did not represent Depp in his US defamation case against Heard earlier this year, she made several court appearances to show support and was seen hugging Camille Vasquez who did represent Depp outside Virginia courthouse on May 3.

No doubt the chemistry between Depp and his attorney, Veliz Vasquez, had many fans hoping they might become romantic partners; however, both she and Vasquez denied any romantic entanglements. Recently, there have been reports that Depp may have found someone new – rather than Vasquez; Joelle Rich, his London-based representative in his 2020 libel lawsuit against The Sun may now be his possible love interest.

According to her firm’s website, Rich is a partner at Schillings’ London litigation and dispute resolution practice, specialising in media-related cases such as privacy claims and defamation litigation. Additionally, she holds a certificate in arbitrating such disputes; Rich attended secondary school at North London Collegiate School before working in private equity at Goldman Sachs before going solo as an arbitrator.

Page Six first reported on an alleged romance between Depp and Rich back in September 2022, when Rich was still married but separated from her spouse; at that point she was in the process of divorcing him with two children shared from that marriage.

Rich is also an author. In 2022, her book A Guide to Becoming a Successful and Confident Parent was released – designed to assist parents of teens through the challenges they may encounter during their twenties.

In October 2022, a second edition of this book will be published and it remains uncertain if or when any updates to reflect any legal and parenting advice changes might take effect. Regardless, its original form remains an invaluable resource for raising young kids.